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February 23, 2013
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Z-outbreak - Lt. Varvara Kamneva by Kain-Moerder Z-outbreak - Lt. Varvara Kamneva by Kain-Moerder
Varvara is a young PDF lieutenant, stationed at Vitapol's space port.

She was away visiting her younger sister when unidentified space ship opened fire at space port and destroyed it completely along with 90% of its personnel. That attack was the first step in 'Infestation' plan.

Kamneva is a 'sleeping badass', like young Ripley from 'Alien'. She may be inexperienced and a bit shy, but when sh*t hit the fan she's the one who gather people and start giving orders to organise frightened mob into a battle-ready squad. When off-duty, she's a nice pleasant girl who likes books and funny holovids. When on patrol, she's more concentrated on her duties and less talkative, but still nice. So it's no wonder that her subordinates like her.

Varvara is a very 'fresh' lieutenant. She graduated only several month ago. She's still learning 'how to be a good officer'.

Varvara's mother is from Valhalla - that's why Kamneva has such 'unusual' name.

Kamneva was a very good cadet. Her grades were always the highest in her group, and she got several medals for participation in athletics and shooting contests. When she got 1st place at 'Day oh Honour' grand contest, she was presented with master-crafted laspistol. Currently she uses that pistol as her main weapon during patrols.

Varvara loved to take additional courses. (a remarkable feat for a PDF officer cadet) One of them was 'Artillery operator'. But there were almost no artillery guns at the base. The only Basilisk gun they got was damaged beyond repairs, so Kamneva's artillery skills are purely theoretical.

When sh*t hit the fan, Varvara became the leader of 'survivors squad'. She wasn't happy about it, but there was no other choice. It was Varvara, or that mad priest. Of course squad members chose pretty lieutenant over crazy psycho-zealot.
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Sallar47 Apr 18, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
"When on patrol, she's more concentrated on her duties and less talkative, but still nice. So it's no wonder that her subordinates like her."

I am pretty sure her being "nice" is not the reason.. *points at her ass* XD
RecklessCharge Mar 16, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Gonna do the short story along with this, planet name is Vitapol correct? Any other regional stuff I need to know, What Segmentum their in, or town names etc
Kain-Moerder Mar 16, 2013   Digital Artist
Vitapol is the capital. The planet's name is Gonimos II. It's in Segmentum Pacificus.

The planet is inhabited with Ellein and Tellar peoples. (the closest analogs are Greeks and Tatars) Tellar was a nomadic nation but then it settled down, turning into something similar to modern Arab Emirates, when Elleins always were 'settled'. That's why they have bigger cities and better infrastructure. Elleins are tall, with fair skin and blond/red hair. Tellars are not so tall, have darker skin and black hair. They're also more 'skinny' than Elleins, but in terms of a fight it's 'Arnold Schwarzenegger vs Bruce Lee'. They are skinny, but they are very agile and have a great stamina.

Vitapol is the capital of Gonimos II. It's a large city, but it's nothing like Hive City or any other 'industrial nightmare'. Gonimos' scientists try to keep the local ecology 'clean' using 'eco' technologies. So Vitapol is more like a Tau city - white, clean, and without any toxic fog or other 'products of industrial activity'.

Buildings in Vitapol are not very high, white in colour and bear rich ornamentation. There are a lot of statues on the streets, fountains, benches, speakers playing calm music and other 'we want our citizens to feel good' things.

Gonimos II is a quiet, pleasant place. People are generally happy with their lives, so the overall level of corruption and crime is low. Of course, all this went to hell when the outbreak started. People were too 'soft', they used to a good life without worries, so the outbreak was a devastating blow to their moral. That's why PDF turned into a scared mob in an instance, and only few officers kept their will and combat abilities intact. (Like Varvara, who's mother was a Valhallan officer and taught her daughter to 'keep it together' no matter what)

Despite its obvious Agri-World nature, Gonimos II has an advanced level of technological development. Partially because of a big Adeptus Mechanicus science lab and its ties to martian higher-ups. By the way, mechanicus adepts were those people who gave this planet its famous eco-technologies. There's a rumor that all planet is a testing ground for AM scientists. Anyway, because of good relations with AM, anti-grav cars and cybernetic limbs are usual stuff for every citizen. The other 'miraculous' feature of this planet is its unnatural-fertile soil, which allows to produce gigantic amounts of food. It made the planetary governor a _very_ rich woman, and she was wise enough to put a big part of the planet's income to a good use, rising salaries, building hospitals and gaining people's support.

There's a 'city' (a small space port) of Tau merchants which is situated far away from all major cities. Tau diplomats tried to cut a deal with the governor and add this planet to their Empire, but the life was so good, that Tau had really almost nothing to offer. So now they just sit and wait for customers.

Gonimos II PDF is the bunch of mommy boys and sissies, who can't even shoot straight because they never need to. Joining the army considered the 'easy way of life' by the majority of the youth, cut you do nothing and get paid for it. Plus they give you this cool looking armour and a shiny lasgun. The only real power on a planet is AM's skitarii. I'd named Adeptus Arbites, but there is only one AA representative on this planet, and local police forces are even worse than PDF.

To be honest, this planet almost _asked_ to be attacked by the Chaos.
JoeoftheMasks Feb 28, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hopefuly these PDFs well be more defense and less 'speed bump'.
Kain-Moerder Feb 28, 2013   Digital Artist
Some died, some turned to chaos, so there will be not many 'alive' PDF soldiers. It's 'good' that the population of the colony wasn't big enough to create a 'zombie horde'.
JoeoftheMasks Mar 3, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
This story has the makings of quite the fun narrative/game!
Kain-Moerder Mar 4, 2013   Digital Artist
Alas, not in this case. I can provide pictures, but to write a story... we need someone else for that.
JoeoftheMasks Mar 8, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Then to the type writer we go good sir!
Kain-Moerder Mar 9, 2013   Digital Artist
I'll gladly delegate my writer's duties to you. )
JoeoftheMasks Mar 15, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
All right I shall try to do this, *man up face* To the old fashioned type writer I go!
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