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I'm into Fallout (1,2), S.T.A.L.K.E.R. and other post-apocalyptic stuff again, so:

1. Reck and Charge, you'll get one hilarious post-apoc picture from me.

2. A new faction and one big territory will be introduced in 'Antique Store' section of my gallery.
As always, it's my opinion. I don't state that it is the only correct one, and I can be wrong. Warning. Some spoilers ahead.

There are things that I love about this game, but there are also things I don't like or don't understand. I'll tell you about those 'bad/strange' things.

1. Tech level
At the end of W1 rangers had impressive tech in their possession. Power armour, energy weapons, etc. And at the beginning of W2 I saw a bunch of hobos with junk rifles and pistols. Rangers in W2 didn't even wear a standard issue uniforms (but in-game descriptions kept telling me about characters 'in rangers uniforms'). Developers gave no explanation of such downgrade. It looks very strange.

2. Numbers
Why rangers are so few in number? It's been many years since W1. Yet, rangers in W2 is a small band of ragtag hobos in cowboy hats. They sin on their arses in the Citadel, doing nothing. When the threat arises, ranger teams rush for the rescue, marching to a target location. This is the most idiotic 'guard' system I've ever seen. No outposts, no security teams in key locations - nothing. That mission when you have to choose between two locations 'because you can't save both of them' is bullshit, especially if we take into account that those locations are situated very close to each other. Two places with unique and valuable resources (food and water), and rangers have NO guards there? Really? No wonder that half of the region takes rangers for idiots.

So where are the true rangers? Where are those organised, well-trained badasses? Why, instead of an army, I see a small group of hobos, who look like they are squatting instead of living in the Citadel? It is not Fallout 1, and rangers are no raiders. This is another case of 'f*ck the lore' developers. Yes, Bethesda, you're in that list too.

3. 'Go die already' initiation
U-huh. There are, like, only 15-20 rangers in the Citadel, but when the group of new recruits is ready to take its first assignment, 'wise' general gives them no equipment. 'I'm sending you to investigate something that killed one of our badass veterans. You'll get no weapons or armour from me because it'll be your entrance exam'. Well done, general. You're a real tactician. Great. You've just sent a group of novices to their deaths. Nice entrance exams you have here, guys.

4. Rangers still have to buy new equipment
For Grud's sake. The Citadel is not a wasteland shop - it's almost a military installation. After the events of W1 rangers had to have TONS of equipment, ammo, etc. Yet, we see another case of 'Hi. I'm your quartermaster. What do you want to buy?' system. *facepalm* It reminds me of Diablo 1. A hero comes into town to save the day. After the first dungeon raid he/she comes back to town to repair his/her equipment, and the local blacksmith is like 'Well, it'll be 200 gold'. Capitalism, f*ck yeah.

5. The Lift
Yes, with the capital 'L'. Have you seen that humongous lift in the Citadel? There was no lift in W1. There was no 'hidden' level. All this 'Bwa-ha-ha, the AI has been copied! Heil Skynet!' crap is so cheap that it hurts.

6. There are no civilisation out there
Rangers genuinely believe that there is no life outside Arizona. U-huh. 'We are the chosen ones'.

7. Small settlements have no town guards
At all. They even have no sheriff or other law-enforcing individuals. Riiight. 'We live in a post-apocalyptic world, why do we need guards? Bah! What can go wrong?'

8. Raiders
A relatively big group of 10-20 people (your usual raider gang) can't survive in the wasteland just by raiding small settlements, _especially_ when those settlements are guarded by rangers. All those 'raider gangs' would die of starvation and dehydration long ago.

9. Conductive and non-conductive
Since when energy weapons hit harder if an enemy wears 'conductive armour'? Seriously? That's how developers 'balanced' energy weapons? Screw this crap.

10. Perfectly-working robots
U-huh. They've been lying in the dust/dirt under the Arizona sun for more than a decade, but id doesn't matter - one signal from their master, and they are ready to kill again. Old robots, who has to be all rusty and malfunctioning, behave like they've just left the assembly line.

11. No choice
Developers give us, players, no choice. NO choice in a roleplay game. Yes, technically you can choose the 'wrong' way, but developers punish such decisions with severity of an angry dictator. 'You have to be good, muthahucka! You can't choose wrong options, because we think that they are wrong! Choose the wrong one, and we'll f*ck your game!' Thank you, arseholes. Go f*ck yourselves.

12. Only arseholes survived
I'm really tired of this cliche. Why every drokking script writer thinks that after the apocalypse majority of people turn into arseholes? But in W2 this crap was turned up to 11. Almost 80% of all game characters are arseholes. This is a very cheap way to create a 'grimdark' atmosphere. It reminds me of all those 'realistic' stories written by teenage 'writers', where all characters betray, rape and torture each other 'because that's the real life, man'. Ehh, it's sad to see this crap in a game made by adult individuals.

13. Gays and lesbians
Developer's forum was full of this 'Why I can't see any lesbians in game?!' crap, and developers, being your usual liberal pussies, included that shit in their game. All right then. Why can't I f*ck corpses? Developers, you're violating my necrophilic rights! You have to include corpse-f*cking too, or I'll sue you!

For all 'offended' individuals who can't stand when other people have different opinions. I don't care what you do in your house behind closed doors. It's your private life, and I have no right to judge your preferences. But when you come out, take rainbow flags and gather in crowds, demanding to legalise your perversion - that I can't stand. If you don't like my opinion - tolerate it.

14. Bursts are no bursts
Since when an assault rifle burst contains only _two_ shots? What is this crap? And don't even dare to say 'it's for the game balance'.

15. Implanted people can be hacked
How can you hack someone's brain, when that person has an artificial arm? And don't even start about the 'neural interface' crap, because game dialogues tell us nothing about it.

16. Christians are perverted hypocrites
I guess it's popular to shit on religion nowadays. Yes, I'm talking about in-game faction, the so-called 'God's militia'. The 'father' of this 'religion' was a mad pre-war preacher. Riiight. Because there can't be a _normal_ Christian community in this grimdark edgy game, oh no. Everything has to be knee-deep in shit. By the way, where's Islam representatives? I can't believe that all Allah's followers died in a nuclear blast.

17. No actual freedom in faction-based interactions
As with the main plot, you are severely punished every time you want to step away from the railroaded plot. The 'right' options almost red-underlined and neon-signed for you. 'Here! Choose this option! Or we'll screw your game life'. Well done, developers. Very creative approach indeed.

18. Farms can live without water
If you choose to save the Ag. Centre, raiders destroy Highpool - the local provider of fresh, clean water. But it's ok. Ag. Centre can grow all its vegetables without water! Mighty plot miracle here.

And so on.

In my opinion, W2 had the potential to become a great game, but developers killed that with lazy attitude and half-arsed developing process.
I'm back from my 'summer camp', and ready to take commission requests.

Other news:

1. Antique Store is developing quite good. I'm working on one story about MSB agents, and another one, starring Mila from Church Patrol.

2. Tons of new info about Dark Mastaaa.

3. Loli Bandit is doing fine. This story will get new illustrations. Plus there will be a post with the info about new characters.
I'm into Fallout (1,2), S.T.A.L.K.E.R. and other post-apocalyptic stuff again, so:

1. Reck and Charge, you'll get one hilarious post-apoc picture from me.

2. A new faction and one big territory will be introduced in 'Antique Store' section of my gallery.

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