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..::The Rules::..


Choose one of your own characters (OC).


Make them answer the following questions.


Then tag three people.


Feel free to add some questions of your own.


..::Interview Time!::..

Interviewee(s): Rogue Trader Vladimir-Eisenhauer Volkov

What gender are you?

What is your age?
"Something about 75. I'm afraid that I can't tell you exact number because of one... accident that happened to me some time ago. Still, it doesn't matter much - my friends keep me fresh and rejuvenated." *polite smile*

Do you want a hug?
"If you're a cute female - I surely do."

Do you have any bad habits?
"My mentor, Emperor bless him, says that I'm full of bad habits. So I guess that it'll be more appropriate if you ask him directly.'

What is your favourite food?
"My friend, you've touched a subject dear to my soul. As a cook and gourmand, I value well-made, tasty food. I prefer meat and vegetables for ingredients. I like my food spicy. Can't stand 'plain taste'. One of my chefs is from Valhalla, and I must say that Valhallan cuisine is dramatically underestimated. Some Tallarn masterpieces are also quite tasty."

What is your favourite ice-cream flavour?
"I have only one flavour - the one my Valhallan chef gets through his supply channels. I don't know the exact 'name' of that product, but it tastes great, and that's enough for me to appreciate it."

Are you a virgin?"
"Alas, my innocence is long gone. Ahh, young years. I miss them."

Have you killed anyone?
"Why yes. I find no pleasure in killing, but if it is required or forced by circumstances - I do not hesitate to take one's life. But I must state that most of my victims were xenos."

Do you hate anyone?
"Yes, of course. I have hundreds of enemies, and all of them are deeply unpleasant individuals. But more than them I hate Dark Eldars. I wish I could kill them all one day."

Do you have any secrets?
"They are too numerous to list. Besides, I'm afraid that sharing them with you would bring the wrath of Adeptus Mechanicus and Inquisition on your head."

Who is your best friend(s)?
"My mentor is my best friend. I'm not afraid of using this word, 'friend', because he really is. He may be grumpy and he scolds me all the time, but he is a good and very wise man. He's a great example of a proper Emperor's servant. My other best friend is my personal assistant - Ursula. She is very caring and dutiful, and she shows no signs of snobbish behaviour, which makes her almost perfect. Plus she is a member of sisterhood, so my moral and ethical values are under constant supervision." *smiles*

What are your hobbies?

"I have few, but, in contrast to my fellow Rogue Traders, I really do have them. My hobbies are not for show or maintenance of social status. As a male, I like weapons, so I collect the most striking exemplars. My friends from Adeptus Mechanicus help me with that, providing me with real technical masterpieces. I also like art, a classical current of one, and I try to decorate my residence with finest statues and paintings I can afford. But my biggest hobby is hunting. I even hunted with a Catachan guide on a surface of a feral world. A remarkable experience indeed."

What is your favourite drink?
"It may sound strange, but I prefer non-alcoholic drinks. I like my mind clear and rational, because you never know when one of your enemies will send an assassin to end your life. So I must be vigilant all the time, thus, I avoid alcohol."

When is your birthday?
"5 February."

Are you nice or mean?
"It depends. No one can be kind all the time. But I'm no supporter of arrogance and bad behaviour."

Are you social or shy?
"As a Rogue Trader, I have to be social. Alas, it's a price I have to pay. Maybe one day I'll be able to live my life as I want to, but not in the nearest future I'm sure."

What do you think of your parents?
"They are decent people. Maybe too old-fashioned in some aspects of their lives, but no one is perfect."

What's your weakness?
"I'm afraid that I can't provide you with a honest answer."

What do you do on a regular day basis?
"A lot of boring things. Running family business isn't that exciting as people usually think."

Do you love someone? How about romantically?
"Yes, I do. Still haven't confessed yet. I hope that Ursula won't reject me. *warm smile* I have this dream about us and several kids in a huge family estate. I guess it's time for me to settle down."

*Ursula hides behind the corner, listening*

"M-marriage?! K-kids?.." *blushes*

When was the last time you wet yourself?
"Being a 'passenger' of a Dark Eldar slave ship made me to live through many unpleasant situations."

What's your favourite band?
"I really like 'Sweet Sisters'. Their spiritual texts are wonderful, and music is very pleasant to my ears."

Ever worn a dress?
"There was one Tau charity evening. I allowed that water caste lady to sit near me, then there was a bottle of a very strong beverage, and the next morning I found myself sleeping in her bed, covered with her dress like a blanked. Does it count? If not, I can tell you another story. I had to sign a deed between my mining company and the chief of one tribe. The problem was that I was supposed to be wearing their traditional merchant clothes. It looked like a dress, but what choice did I have? That deed was very important, so I braced myself and lived through that day."

"My duty as a Rogue Trader comes first. Sometimes we have to do what we must."

What do you consider fun during the day?
"Hiding from Ursula to avoid her 'to do' list."

At night?
"I often spend my nights at my tech laboratory. Or I just put on my master-crafted carapace armour, call one or two guards and make a long walk around business districts."

Ever kissed anyone?
"I'm 75, so of course I did."

...Of the same gender?
"The Emperor accepts only normal relationships. Any perversion is a road to Ruinous Powers." *makes Aquila sign*


What's your favourite thing to touch?
"Nice female body. Or a hilt of a beautiful power sword."

Does anyone love you?
"I hope so."

What's your favourite colour(s)?
"Black and green."

When was the last time you cried?
"Aboard DE slave ship. Their tortures can squeeze screams and tears from almost any mortal being."

Do you have any pets? 
"No. One of my colleagues was killed because of his pet - it was implanted with a powerful explosive charge."

Are you crazy?
"First, would you be so kind to give me a strict and clear definition of 'normal'."

What are you?
"I'm a human being and The Emperor's servant."

What's your nickname?
"'Boooy!' *smiles* When my mentor calls me that, a long lecture is in order."


Do you consider yourself a happy or a down person?
"The Emperor blessed me with a happy life."


If you were a superhero, you'd be...?
"I'd be one of the Astartes, I guess."

Favourite movie?
"Captain Damocles and the Black Fleet."


What is your current occupation?
"I'm a Rogue Trader."

Who do you know that bugs you?
"There is one sanctioned psyker I know..."

Have you 'done it' in the past month?
"No. Was too busy with establishing new trade routes."

Ever think about getting married?

Have you ever had a sleepover with someone of the opposite sex?
"I did. But it wasn't funny or romantic. I spent several nights with a water caste representative, hiding in a wrecked Devil Fish, hiding from local beasts."

When was the first time you 'did it'?
"Your questions have crossed the dignity line."

Do you have any piercings anywhere?
"No. Only several laser burns and other battle scars."

Final question. Who do you tag?

If you want to fill this form - go ahead.



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