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Full-body, coloured
Forget the points. US $ only.

This kind of commission will cost you approximately 70$. The price depends on complexity (amount of details, colouring, etc.) of the work. The price can be lowered if you choose simple, cell-shading colouring or not-so-complex line art.

I draw OCs, sci-fi/cyberpunk, post-apoc, fantasy, modern. As to fandoms - everything goes. Erotic and other XXX themes are OK.


Johan Schmidt
Artist | Digital Art


My dear watchers, when I write my 'angry rants', I don't have 'hate attacks'. Actually, I'm quite calm and concentrated, because it's a must if you want to write a decent 'hate post'. I'm just fooling around. So please, put that straight jacket away. )
Devil forced my hand and I checked the comments section. My God. Why do we have so many conformist pussies? Where are normal individuals with their opinions? Why modern gaming society looks like a weak-willed, shit-eating herd?

Every normal gamer who dares to oppose this swamp of 'true fans' is instantly labelled 'drama queen' and 'whining idiot'. 'Don't spoil our shit-eating fest! We're enjoying our excrements here!' *facepalm* I see the same situation over and over again. Another creatively-impotent corporation produces another 'Shit of Dooty', and another crowd of 'true gamers' starts to eat that crap with happy faces and '10/10!' reviews. What the f*ck is wrong with modern world? (rhetorical question) Well done, publishers. You've managed to create a perfect 'consumer society', where everything can be sold and accepted if you apply the right marketing strategy.

What truly irritates me is the overall aggression of such shit-eating crowds. It's like 'modern feminists' - they tolerate you as long as you support _everything_ they do or say. The moment you sound your criticism - you're not a supporter any more. You're their victim. Same goes for 'gaming community'. You eat shit like every one else - you're a good, 'true gamer'. You start saying things like 'Guys, stop! You're eating shit!', and they instantly start to hate you. Tolerance, eh?

So, DoWIII. In my opinion, and I'll repeat myself for retards who love to feel themselves 'offended' by everything, in my opinion DowIII is a big 'F*ck you' to the face of every normal Dow fan. Because this castrated, 'streamlined' (dumbed down) game for 'modern gamers' is not Dow. It's just another money-grabbing piece of shit. Yet, all those 'true fans' scream 'You don't understaaand!!!111 Fukken hater! The shi... err, game is good! It's awesome like ME:Andromeda! You don't understand modern game design!' U-huh. Keep chewing your shit, gutless idiots. I'm sure that all those lazy, greedy developers and publishers will have a good time taking your money and throwing pieces of crap at you in return.

Heh. There are even screams like 'B-but we have almost no RTS nowadays! You have to ba thankful that we have this awesome DoWIII! Ungrateful plebs!' Pfff. No. You keep your shit. I don't need it. Good quality, or GTFO.
Gottfried the Awesome
At last, after all those weeks, the line art is finished! Now - colouring.
Hello every one. Your zombie artist here.

To be short - I'm alive. Working on several commissions, which means that I have no free time at all. Still, even now I have numerous ideas concerning Antique Store and its characters. But I have commissions to draw, so everything else will wait.
I want to announce my new short story - 'Blue Crash'

It'll be a story about my rogue trader Eisenhauer and one shady Inquisitorial operation. Eisenhauer was contacted by inquisitor Kate Blackwing and forced to attend a trade meeting with local Tau representatives to be a decoy and let the real Inquisitorial agent to do his/her job. He is alone - his crew stayed behind as was ordered, surrounded by scheming nobility and Tau Water caste 'negotiators'. But there is hope - Eisenhauer's jacket is armoured, and he carries numerous concealed weapons. Will it be enough to survive?
...mimic the 'anime' line art? It's when the line is a bit 'jagged'. I'm trying to make a 'fake anime screen shot', but my lines are too clean and look 'artificial'.

Yes, it'll be Gottfried the Awesome again. ) He'll be messing with Rider Medusa.
My dear watchers, when I write my 'angry rants', I don't have 'hate attacks'. Actually, I'm quite calm and concentrated, because it's a must if you want to write a decent 'hate post'. I'm just fooling around. So please, put that straight jacket away. )



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